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neurocare is innovating mental health and performance by personalising therapy following a detailed assessment in a global network of clinics. With neuroConn & MAG&More, our technology brands, we offer solutions for clinicians and complex research projects. At Neuroscience we'll exhibit neuroConn’s DC-STIMULATOR series for tDCS, tACS, tRNS, our full-band EEG products and closed loop solutions. All products and solutions combine highest precision with usability and customizability. With new technologies, neurocare and it’s partners work on improved navigation (Rogue Research), target engagement (Brainclinics), closed-loop (MAG&More) and interference stimulation for improving NIBS outcomes. Visit our booth to see how we combine neurostimulation with neuroimaging: EEG-tES, MEG-tES, EEG-TMS / fMRI-tES, MRS-tDCS, fMRI-EEG / navigated TMS, controllable TMS, fNIRS-tDCS. Our state-dependent & closed-loop solutions: dual tES-Stimulation based on LOOP-IT / neuro-cardiac guided TMS
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Amplifiers: Isolation, Brain Mapping Equipment, Data Management, Electrodes and Accessories, Electrophysiology Equipment, Heart Rate Monitors, Physiological Monitoring Systems, Stimulators: Programmable
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11/11/2023 Anne Klueger