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Rogue Research has been your partner in neuroscience research for over 20 years.

As developers of the Brainsight® family of neuronavigation systems for non-invasive brain stimulation, we have helped make non-invasive brain stimulation more accurate and reproducible while keeping it simple and effective. Rogue Research has expanded beyond navigation to develop our own TMS device: Elevate™ TMS which offers control over the pulse shape to ensure more reproducible excitatory or inhibitory effects on the targeted network. Rogue Research is also developing a robotic positioner ensuring accuracy, repeatability and simplicity.

The Brainsight® Vet line of neurosurgical and neuronavigation tools for animal research, including our unique microsurgical robot, are used in over 200 labs around the world. We also offer custom MRI compatible implants, a line of MRI imaging coils, and comprehensive testing platforms and chairs.
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Brain Mapping Equipment, EMG Amplifiers, MRI: Functional, Microinjection Apparatus, Optical Imaging, Stereotaxic Instruments, Stimulators: Programmable
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